Why You Receive So Much Junk Mail After Closing On Your Home

Homeowner Tips
Congratulations! You have finally closed on your home loan, and you are excited to get moved in. Or, you may have just refinanced your home. Regardless, all of a sudden, you start to get a bunch of junk mail in your mailbox. It can be frustrating to sort through everything, and how did they get your information in the first place?  Where Junk Mailers Get Your Personal Information First, there are a few locations where junk mailers may have gotten your personal information. Once your property deed is recorded, it goes into the public record. Anyone who goes into the…
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How To Keep Your Address Private

Real Estate Tips
There are not many parts of your life that are private anymore. Today, it is relatively easy for someone to go online and look up your address in just a few minutes. At the same time, there are some people who have an easier time keeping their lives private. Celebrities, public officials, and other people who are frequently in the public light are able to conceal their addresses. Even if you aren't famous, what do you need to do to hide your address? Talk To A Real Estate Agent If you want to keep your address private, the first thing…
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